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Why Should You Choose A Private Home Care Agency Like Us Over A Personal Caregiver?

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 10:20 AM

We understand that this is a very important decision that one must make for a loved one. There are many problems when it comes to finding a caregiver on sites such as caregiver.com and other sites like that. These problems can range from communication issues all the way up to them not matching your needs or not offering the right types of services. Everyday families from all around are facing this decision on whether to just stick with an individual or to go with a Homecare Agency. We have listed below some of the benefits from our sources on choosing an agency over an individual person:

1. Screening

Most of the top-notch homecare agencies go through rigorous interview processes, background checks, and carefully scree all of their staff members before hiring. Here at Heavenly Helper's Assistance we can assure you that all of our staff has gone through this process because we believe you all deserve to get the best service possible with the right caregivers on staff.

2. Caregiver Matching

Homecare agencies have a bunch of staff members that have a wide variety of specialties. This makes it so much easier for their clientele to pick and choose which caregiver best suits their needs. A personal caregiver really means that you have one shot. It could be a hit or miss but with Homecare agencies like us we can assure that you will find the right staff member that will suit your needs.

3. Supervision

Private/personal caregivers are only working for themselves meaning they don't have anyone looking over their shoulder. However, with homecare agencies all the staff members are being overlooked by the agency to ensure that all their clientele needs are met. This allows their clients to have a sense of reassurance that their needs will be met or else the agency will have to find a different caregiver to fill in that slot. There are some agencies use technology such as ClearCare that monitor their caregivers and other staff members. They do this by tracking their tasks via cell phone and have real time updates that the agency administrators can look over.

4. Coverage

There are always going to be some scheduling issues every now and then. There may be an instance where your caregiver has to take a personal day due to illness or they are out of town. Homecare agencies have a bunch of staff members that they can quickly schedule in to take their place. This is something we take very seriously here at Heavenly Helpers Assistance, we will NOT allow any of our clientele to be left without a caregiver or CNA.

5. Certification/Licensing

Depending on your location, some homecare agencies may be required to hold certain certifications. However, with private/personal caregivers the often do not have any regulatory oversight at all which can seem a little controversial.

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